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What we do



Crucial steps

OlsAro is offering a high impact investment opportunity of 5 MSEK at a proposed pre-money valuation of 25 MSEK. The funds will give a runway of 36 months and will be used for hiring a fulltime staff for business development and to finance further R&D.

OlsAro is contributing to a higher food production by deve- loping wheat varieties suitable for saline soils. This benefit both demand and supply on a local level.

To make full use of the company’s potential, the following crucial steps will be taken.

Step 1.

Fulfil the first commercial agreement with already established commercial partner in Bangladesh, to create a cashflow for further investments.

Step 2.

Develop molecular markers for salt tolerance to open up for patenting and protection of the unique traits developed by the company. Molecular markers will also fa- cilitate further crossings of the trait to other wheat varieties adapted to various local conditions in different markets.

Step 3.

Develop the European market and other priority markets outside Europe

AI enabled climate adaption of crops for a resilient agriculture

OlsAro enable climate adapted crops to be developed by one third of the time of traditional breeding methods.

Our tech platform consist of our population with very high genetic diversity, our database as well as our AI architecture. Tech based on 10y of research and exempted from GMO regulations.

So far we have successfully developed our first trait, salt tolerance, and started up R&D on heat and nitrogen efficiency. For our salt tolerant wheat we have three years of field trial data showing an impressive 52% higher yield than control in saline Bangladesh conditions.