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An impact opportunity

Meeting the challenges of a growing population and decreasing arable land

Why OlsAro?


Contributiong to positive impact

OlsAro’s current and future applications contribute to several of the 17 UN goals for sustainable development. Thus, local farmers and communities in low- and middle-income countries will be benefitted by food production on previous nonarable or low-yielding land.


Large commercial potential

The business model is based on royalties from a bil- lion-dollar global market with a repetitive cash flow.


Growing demand for food

A growing world population has to be fed on a planet that is stressed by climate change.


Competitive advantage

Development of a seed with defined properties takes time. OlsAro is in a pole position after seven years of development with a delivered proof of concept in crop.

Crucial steps

OlsAro is offering a high impact investment opportunity of 5 MSEK at a proposed pre-money valuation of 25 MSEK. The funds will give a runway of 36 months and will be used for hiring a fulltime staff for business development and to finance further R&D.

OlsAro is contributing to a higher food production by deve- loping wheat varieties suitable for saline soils. This benefit both demand and supply on a local level.

To make full use of the company’s potential, the following crucial steps will be taken.

Step 1.

Fulfil the first commercial agreement with already established commercial partner in Bangladesh, to create a cashflow for further investments.

Step 2.

Develop molecular markers for salt tolerance to open up for patenting and protection of the unique traits developed by the company. Molecular markers will also fa- cilitate further crossings of the trait to other wheat varieties adapted to various local conditions in different markets.

Step 3.

Develop the European market and other priority markets outside Europe