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AI enabled climate adaption of crops for a resilient agriculture

Collaborative trait discovery

OlsAro team up with seed companies for trait discovery and development. Making use of the OlsAros proprietary AI – tech platform to shorten the timeline for development of new traits. 

Collaborative field testing

OlsAro teams up with local partners globally for field trials to support commercialisation of the salt tolerant wheat on additional markets. Interested as a local partner? Reach out!

The first OlsAro solution:
A salt tolerant wheat

OlsAros salt tolerant wheat germinates and grows well in saline soil and gives good yield. These properties can be adapted to different climate zones.

By taking advantage of OlsAro ́s wheat, saline land that normally is fallow because of a dry season (e.g. in Bangladesh) could be utilized, adding one more crop season to the farmers. This is of economic advantage in the whole chain from farm to fork. In addition, it also re-utilize land in the drive for more sustainable agriculture.

First focus set on wheat improvement
- an essential grain food source for human consumption

Wheat is together with maize and rice, the world’s most important crop, with a harvest of ca 760 million metric tons during 2020 ( Wheat production covers more than 240 million hectares (ha) globally.

OlsAro is offering a solution in a growing demand for food in a world with an increasing population and decreasing arable land due to climate change, bad management, and urbanization.